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  • Discuss the current status of domestic used equipment recycling
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    At present, the main method for domestic people to dispose of used and used equipment is to sell it to used equipment recyclers, and it is mostly sold to individual employees who collect used equipment for recycling. Driven by benefits, citizens only consider the price factor in the disposal process. As a result, a large amount of e-waste flows through informal channels to small family workshop-type factories without any environmental protection facilities, which makes the environmental protection problem in the recycling process of used equipment more and more serious. The vast majority of this used second-hand equipment flowed into small workshops and re-flowed into the market. The other part that cannot be repaired, the small workshop takes out the metal components of the used equipment for sale, and the rest becomes garbage. The acquisition and irregular dismantling of informal waste products have caused serious pollution to the atmosphere, soil and water bodies.
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