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  • Precautions for recycling used machinery
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    Precautions for recycling used machinery
      ,属于正常的贸易经济,要考虑销路。 belongs to the normal trade economy, and sales should be considered. The vast majority of second-hand can only be treated as metal scrap dismantling. If it is recovered at the price of the equipment, it can be lost at a cheap price, and most of it is treated slightly higher than the price of scrap metal.
    Precautions for recycling used equipment
    First of all, for the recycling of second-hand equipment, we must organize it. We must set up a second-hand recycling company and make a plan. This step is crucial for future development. Regarding the development of second-hand recycling companies, three aspects must be paid attention to, so as not to cause unnecessary losses to the enterprise.
    Problem of employee distribution in second-hand recycling companies
    Many habits now divide acquisitions into regional acquisitions and Internet acquisitions. Regional acquisition refers to the division or classification of a region, and then the number of people is assigned based on various factors such as the size of the region and potential consumer groups. The Internet area is different. It allocates customer service personnel based on the traffic and functions of the website. Too many and too few people will affect the development of the enterprise, too many will lead to increased costs, and too few will not promote the healthy development of the enterprise.
    Determination of the price of used equipment
    The price of second-hand equipment must be clear during the acquisition process. Do not lose business or reduce efficiency because of price uncertainty. It is necessary to make a clear and unified purchase price list after investigating the market details, which is more conducive to the acquisition, and it also guarantees consumers. Many second-hand acquisition companies have gradually lost the trust of their customers just because there is no unified price list, and finally they have gradually moved to the fate of being eliminated.
    Aftercare after second-hand equipment acquisition
    深圳二手机械回收 收购完成后很多工作才刚刚开始,这些工作主要包括对所收购的产品进行分类,这个分类不仅仅不只是将根据产品类别分类,要将同一类别下的产品分为可加工和不可加工两种;对于这之后的产品加工工作就要看二手公司技术团队的失礼了,加工的好坏直接决定了企业的利润多少;企业必须重视监督和销售环节,因为企业的对外形象一般来说就是在这两个环节之上,只有做好这两个环节的工作才能够让企业有一个健康的市场形象。 A lot of work has just begun after the completion of Shenzhen used machinery recycling and acquisition. These tasks mainly include the classification of the purchased products. This classification is not just a classification based on product categories. Products in the same category are divided into processable and There are two types that cannot be processed. For the subsequent product processing work, it depends on the indecentness of the technical team of the second-hand company. The quality of the processing directly determines the profit of the company. The company must pay attention to the supervision and sales links because the company's external image generally That is to say, on top of these two links, only by doing a good job in these two links can an enterprise have a healthy market image.
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