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  • Shenzhen Changhong Renewable Resources Co., Ltd.

    Contact: Mr. Pan

    Shenzhen hotline: 13129916199

    Guangzhou (WeChat) hotline: 13560263606

    Q Q: 1275389125

    Mail Box:


    Address: Linrong Industrial Park, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

Company Profile
  • Shenzhen Changhong Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. is a huge company with strong capital and a branch of the whole country. Long-term high prices across the country to acquire personal and factory backlog inventory, LED display, LED lamps, lamp beads, electronic components, batteries, hardware machinery, electronic equipment and closure plants. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, and will be happy to provide you with the fastest, high quality, warm and thoughtful on-site acquisition service! A phone call, caring service!

    In the years of market competition, we always adhere to the principle of "quality is fundamental" and "sincere service". We advocate the innovation of corporate image, pay attention to the promotion and promotion of corporate culture, and provide customers with quality service; we firmly believe that your choice is our development, your satisfaction is our success, and we will work together to create a better future. Progress. We will keep pace with the times, surpass ourselves, strive for excellence, and never let go! TEL: 13560263606

Recycling product
  • Outdoor led display recycling

    Outdoor led display recycling

  • FPC scrap recycling

    FPC scrap recycling

  • Lamp recycling

    Lamp recycling

  • Electronics factory equipment recycling

    Electronics factory equipment recycling

  • Electronic material recycling

    Electronic material recycling

  • Waste recycling

    Waste recycling

  • Chemical equipment recycling

    Chemical equipment recycling

  • Reflow soldering

    Reflow soldering

  • Recycling battery

    Recycling battery

  • Inventory electronics recycling

    Inventory electronics recycling

  • Hardware equipment recycling

    Hardware equipment recycling

  • LCD screen recycling

    LCD screen recycling

  • Hotel equipment recycling

    Hotel equipment recycling

  • Factory equipment recycling

    Factory equipment recycling

  • Whole plant recycling

    Whole plant recycling

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